Introducing National Golf Month

National Golf Month (NGM) is an initiative led by former BGIA Chair Douglas Poole. NGM will be supported by BGIA Member's Bauer Media.  


A. To organise a National Golf Month in May 2014 targeted marketing to make 100,000 lapsed or new golfers aware of an opportunity to try golf again for free or at special offer prices.

B. Offer to all major supporting golfing associations, organisations and golf suppliers the opportunity to be part of a national promotion which is targeted to bringing lapsed or new golfers back or into the game. 

*  The target age is 18 to 55+, but all age groups and genders will be able to able to participate, including the disabled.  

*  Bauer Media have created the biggest ever national advertising and marketing campaign to reach to an audience of 23.7 million people.

*  All golfing facilities are offered (free of charge) the opportunity to be involved in joining a promotion targeted to finding a way to bring lapsed and new golfers to their business.

*  NGM will target all lapsed and new golfers but the rationale is for a stronger focus on the lapsed player and past golfer as they will obviously be quicker to convert into regular players due to past experience and interest in the game.

* The BGIA will provide the project management for the NGM by utilising money from the Grow Golf Fund.

For further information please visit the National Golf Month Website or contact Douglas Poole