22 Aug 2016

Rio Olympics 2016: Global exposure as golf's Games return proves a big hit

Golf made a triumphant return to the Olympics at Rio following a 112-year absence and the sport's bosses are confident it has done enough to secure its Olympic status beyond the Tokyo 2020.

19 Aug 2016

Justin Rose wins 1993 Golf Foundation Under 14s: From Patshull Park to Rio

Olympic Champion Justin Rose has been praised for his gold medal performance in Rio by the Golf Foundation, the charity that helps young people to enjoy the benefits of golf and encourages them to ‘Start, Learn and Stay’ in the sport.

03 Aug 2016

Sports Marketing Surveys Inc. The Open Lunch

The speech by John Bushell, Managing Director, SMS INC, on Wednesday 20th July, to guests at the seventh lunch hosted by SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. and the BGIA on behalf of HSBC Golf Roots

03 Aug 2016

The new UK Exporter Directory – should you be a part of it?

The Department for International Trade is launching a new export directory that aims to promote British goods on an unprecedented scale.

01 Aug 2016

R&A and Ladies' Golf Union merger close after agreement signed

A merger between the Ladies' Golf Union and The R&A moved a step closer after a heads of agreement was signed by the St Andrews-based organisations